WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 | Facebook to launch aggressive ad campaigns to defend changes

11 months ago

By Administrator_India

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Facebook plans to go all-out to “allay fears” over its intended privacy policy changes, for which it will take up ad campaigns and interactions with users and government stakeholders over the next few months.

Sources told the Business Standard the campaign would clarify that the updated policy would be applicable to interactions with 19 million business account users of WhatsApp and that these messages can be “leveraged for business purposes” such as running ads.

An example they gave was of users approaching a business for catalog details of saris, information of such interest can be used by the business to send ads on WhatsApp and Instagram.

The company added that conversations cannot be shared because chats are encrypted.

Further, sources said the company also plans to reach out to government officials to assure that “Facebook’s updated terms of service are in consonance with laws.”

This comes after the government on January 19 asked the company to explain its “double standards on privacy policy” such as differences in stringency between Europe and India.

Notably, India’s own Privacy Bill – which plans to incorporate some of Europe’s more stringent rules – is still in discussion.

As per the sources, WhatsApp India’s privacy policies are aligned with its US ones and there is no significant “dent” in its user base of 400 million despite the controversy. They, however, acknowledged an increased trend of downloading competitor apps such as Telegram and Signal.


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