NEET, JEE Exams to be merged into CUET? UGC proposes One Entrance Test for all

10 months ago
National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, NEET, and Joint Entrance Examination, JEE might become a thing of the past. If the latest proposal sent out by University Grants Commission has to be considered, NEET and JEE Main exams might be merged with the recently launched Common University Entrance Test or CUET, making CUET a one entrance test for all.
The commission is working on a proposal that would integrate the separate entrance examinations for medical and engineering into the CUET. There was no reason why a student should appear for a separate examination for proving proficiency in the same subjects.
At present, students have to appear for NEET for medical and dental education, JEE Main for admission to engineering courses, and CUET (introduced this year) for admission to degree courses in science, humanities, and commerce in various universities. If the proposal is met, students would be then required to appear for one examination. The marks of this national-level test would then open up avenues for all students. A committee has also been formed to look at the feasibility of merging the three national-level examinations and reaching a consensus on the same.
The proposal is, can we integrate all these entrance examinations so that our students are not subjected to multiple entrance examinations based on the same knowledge base? The students should have one single entrance examination, but multiple opportunities to apply among the disciplines. Only CUET could be considered to incorporate all the disciplines. For students who would like to go into engineering, their marks in mathematics, physics, and chemistry can be used as a ranking list and similarly for medicine.

As to the rationale behind the move, it is not merely the ease for the students but also for simplifying the logistics for National Testing Agency, NTA, which conducts all the examinations. One entrance examination would simplify the logistics of conducting national-level exams as well as provide ease to the students, who at present have to manage dates, different exam centers, and more.

NEET and JEE merge

NEET and JEE merge into CUET.

The proposal is for one entrance examination, in online CBT format, twice a year. If accepted, students might have the chance of appearing for the examination once in say May – June (after the boards) and another in December. The possibilities, if considered, could open up the possibilities for students, giving them the freedom to choose and remove the multi-layers.

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